Benefits - like nowhere else

You are about to attend a Lean course. But which provider to choose? We think you should sign up with us. We ensure that you are trained to the highest Lean standard, and we make teaching fun, exciting and relevant for you and your organization. We welcome you to a new world of simpler processes and a more meaningful working life.

Fixed courses - same team

The strength of our teaching is that you become part of a permanent team. You network with other students and get professional coaching and support from your teachers -  throughout the training process.

Real life experience

You'll be educated and trained by our skilled instructors, who, in addition to teaching, work in the field of Lean implementations. We have tried walking in your shoes and tell stories from real life.

Professionally certified

A good reputation is everything. We often work with clients trained by our competitors. Unfortunately, they are saddened by the level of skills online training has given them. At Lean Akademiet we educate to highest standards. 


CONTENT Online Lean Green Belt makes you a Lean project manager

In this training give you the necessary skills to manage a Lean Pilot projects. You will be assigned a coach, with whom you can get sparring and guidance throughout the education.

Get new tools in your toolbox
We combine Lean and management, and you'll work with a case study as well as practical tasks that ensure in depth understanding of the thinking. The education is completed by an examination. The exam is a 30 minutes presentation of your project, based on a case handed out or from your own company. The purpose of the exam is to ascertain the degree to which you have understood Lean management and the application of the most important Lean tools.

Is this education for you?
The Lean education is targeted at both managers and employees who want to gain a basic understanding of Lean and the necessary managerial competencies. Prior experience with Lean is not a requirement.

Content of the education:
The education consists of a series of webinars of approx. one hour duration. Prior to each webinar, there will be tasks to be solved. We record all webinars, so you have the opportunity to attend it afterwards.

Introduction to the Lean background
The 5 Lean Principles
Create customer value
The 8 types of waste

Overview of the Lean toolbox
5S - order and tidiness
Kanban - let the customer pull the product
SMED - Single-Minute Exchange of Dies
Standardized work - minimization of variance

Process mapping
Data collection and fact box
Suggestions for improvement 
Prioritization and execution

Performance management
Design principles
Value Stream Mapping - future state

Kaizen - continuous improvements
Stand-up meetings
Visual management
Challenges in relation to implementation

Activities versus Projects
Project management and A3
Milestone plan
Activities in the milestone plan

The customer's expectation as a goal
Building KPI hierarchy
SMART goal in the project
Whiteboard structure and whiteboard design

What is a problem
Practical problem solving
Root Cause analysis
PDCA testing

Behavior and profiles
Change management
Situational leadership
Management challenges

Exam preparation
Review of project work

Oral project defense of 30 minutes, which is based on your own Lean project


Lean mindset - understanding Lean and how it should be practiced.
Lean toolbox - insight into the most important Lean tools and methods
Value Stream Mapping - training in the performance of process mappings
Kaizen - the power of continuous improvements with employees engagement


No prior knowledge of Lean is required to participate. We start from scratch and guide you through the training and examination.


Upon completion of this training the student can manage Lean pilots and local optimization initiatives.

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PRACTICAL INFO We are doing everything to ensure that you'll get a good experience

A perfect course is not only a result of good teaching. The physical environment surrounding that course should give you, as a student, the best conditions for learning new.

Time & place

All webinars start at 9:00
We send an invitation with a link to the Moodle platform, where all teaching will be held. We take care of your user creation.


No prior knowledge of Lean is required to participate. We start from scratch and guide you through the training and examination.


The price for this course is 9.900 DKK excluding VAT. If you already are a Level 1 - Lean Yellow Belt, the price is 5.600 DKK.


Lean Akademiet provides 6 months free access to all material with free downloads. Materials include presentations, e-books, movies, and exercises.


Ann Møller Svendsen is responsible for the teaching on this education. Occasionally you'll meet Kion Schmeltzer and Morten Jacobsen for support and coaching.


The exam is 30 minutes and is based on a case or a project from your own company.

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TEACHING Professional teachers with passion

Lean Akademiet loves teaching. We're passionate and go all in when it comes to making you an expert in Lean. One thing is for sure; the theoretical knowledge, the level of experience and spirits are higher than anywhere else. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Lean uddannelser

Assuring the academic and theoretical part of a course is not everything. We believe that learning has the best prerequisites when performed on a suitable online teaching platform. That's why we use our own platform called 'Moodle', where you'll be presented with presentations, assignments, videos and more.

Online Lean undervisning

Webinars and Moodle
All online teaching takes place on our own platform on Moodle. Here we meet at the webinars and review the day's material, do small exercises and cases. Here you will find all teaching material such as presentations, exercises and cases, data templates and instructional films.

Online uddannelse

Instructional films
In Moodle you will find our instructional films, which introduces you to the various tools and methods. Watch the films in preparation for the individual modules. You have access to the Moodle platform for six months so you can come back to browse materials and re-watch films.

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FAQ Did you get everything you were looking for?

We look forward to seeing you on the course!
Below we have gathered answers to a number of practical questions.

Immediately after registration, you will receive a guide. Here you will find login information for our online platform 'Moodle'. It is from this platform that you can download material and access webinars.

When you have completed an education or a course with us, you will receive a nicely framed course certificate to document your new Lean competencies.

Immediately after the course registration, the course fee is invoiced. In case of cancellation due to too few participants, illness or the like, the entire course fee will be credited and refunded.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the program, time and place.

Cancellation must be made in writing. If canceled up to three weeks before the start of the course, 95 percent will be refunded. After this, there is no refund.

Is there anything we have not answered? Then do not hesitate to contact us:

Great yield and measurable results

Lean Akademiet is hands-on. We combine laughter with seriousness and thus make the difficult stuff feel simple. The educations are build on practical exercises and simulations. We link important learning to case assignments and your work with your own project. That is why our students create measurable results in their organizations.

Teachers with practical experience

Our teachers have both a great deal of theoretical knowledge as well as many years of practical experience. Stories from the real world gives some perspective to the theory.

We document your professionalism

When you have completed an education or a course with us, you will receive a nicely framed course certificate to document your new Lean competencies.

Exclusive access to LA Alumni Club

You get professional support and sparring throughout the training process - and once a year we meet in our LA Alumni Club for an exciting professional and social day.

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EDUCATIONS How about a Lean belt education with physical attendance?

Our educations are built up with a belt certification in four colors. The colors have been used in martial arts for centuries as a visual identification of the level that the practitioner maintains. Today, the belt colors are also used in Lean and Six Sigma and create a common language.

Your Lean journey starts on the Lean Yellow Belt, goes through the Lean Green Belt and Lean Black Belt where you become more skilled and acquire more knowledge and get more tools. The highest level is our top education Lean Master Black Belt - after this you are among the most skilled specialists in Lean.


Lean Yellow Belt

We introduce you to the Lean mindset and tools, and you become the competent Lean project participant for support in optimization projects.

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Lean Green Belt

Become the competent Lean project manager for optimization projects. We'll train you in Lean implementations with measurable results.

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Lean Black Belt

Do you want the skillset needed to performe a complete Lean rollout? In this training, you become a process specialist working across the organization.

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Lean Master Black Belt

This is our top education. We train you to be among the most talented Lean specialists in this country. Lean in 12 days from start to finish.

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SIGN UP Online Lean Green Belt - in english

An education in Lean and management that gives you the skillset needed to successfully implement a Lean pilot project. We'll train you in tools and methods to create results in your organization.

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    Lean Green Belt English

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