Online Lean course

Online Lean course – now available in English

As of today, we offer our online Lean course ‘Lean Manager Green Belt’ in an English language version. And there are more english educations on its way.

We communicate in English like never before. Today, more than half of the Danish companies, with international activities, have English as their corporate language. The English language is also increasingly finding its way into the small industrial companies.

As Denmark’s best provider of Lean courses and Lean educations, it only makes sense that Lean Akademiet adapt its products, so that they create value for this growing group of companies. That is why we have decided to offer an Online Lean course – in english.

Through our new online learning platform, we offer all of our material in English. Presentations, books, assignments and other inspirational material have been translated. Our films have English subtitles, and a consultant with experience from companies, that have English as their corporate language, will be facilitating all webinars.

We have been known for many years for our physical presence. We love sharing our expertise face to face. But it is a different time nowadays – and we have been forced to think differently. It’s really healthy – and in fact we have been proved wrong yet again. We strive to offer the same high quality of teaching.

Online teaching has its clear advantages:

  • You learn in the environment that suits you the best
  • You are given flexibility, and can participate from wherever you want
  • You get more time for task solutions, and can immerse yourself in specific topics
  • You get new information better dosed – through short, intensive modules

We have taken online teaching to heart. It will be a permanent, alternative solution for our customers. We think it is so much fun – and we know that you’ll be able to feel just that!

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