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Practical information about the Lean Academy and our educations

Here you can find practical information about our courses, facilities, payment, materials, food, etc.



One thing is the academic and theoretical aspect, another thing is the physical setting in which your education takes place.

We believe that the best conditions for learning are created when the setting is right. Therefore, we make a virtue of ensuring that you get a good experience when you are joining our educations. Thought has been given to the facilities and we have made an effort into finding nice rooms to conduct our courses in. We will take care of you throughout the course with delicious catering and proper course materials, so that you will get the most out of your day.


Lean Akademiet's Auditorium
In Copenhagen, we hold our courses and educations in our own premises at Schæffergården in Gentofte. Schæffergården is an old hunting lodge from 1755, located in a beautiful and green landscape. Our premises are located in the modern wing, west of the main building. Here we have a large and bright Auditorium with plenty of space for both presentations, group work and own project work.

Schæffergården is a 15-minute drive from Copenhagen city center with plenty of parking. In addition, it is within walking distance of Jægersborg Station, where the S-train stops.

Lean Akademiet - Auditorium i Gentofte


Lean Akademiet's premises
In Jutland our courses and educations are held in our own premises in Hedensted. Lean Akademiet’s facilities in Hedensted is located among other entrepreneurs and smaller companies in the NORD Innovation House building. The building offers high ceilings, lots of air and beautiful raw interior walls, which reveal the buildings' previous history as a former timber industry. Our premises have their own department to the right of the building with a large glass section and its own entrance. Here we have a large bright classroom with space for both teaching, group work and project work.

Lean Akademiet’s premises in Hedensted are not far from the E45 motorway and are easy to get to by car and have plenty of free parking spaces right in front of the premises. You can also catch a bus from either Horsens or Vejle, which stop just 5 minutes away.


We have carefully selected locations that are easy to access, whether you arrive by car or by public transport.

See the addresses here or click on the maps to go directly to Google Maps' directions.


Lean Akademiets Auditorium
Jægersborg Allé 166
2820 Gentofte


Lean Akademiet 
Spettrupvej 7B 
8722 Hedensted


At Lean Akademiet, we strive for making our teaching come alive, and therefore we choose to use a lot of graphic elements in the teaching. As a rule, we teach without the use of PowerPoint, but instead with our own textbooks, which you will receive at the start of the course.

In addition to a textbook, you will be given relevant forms, templates, printouts, etc. that are used throughout the course, as well as a pen and a tote bag. The teaching material will also be available through our online course platform, which you will have access before the start of the course.

Lean Akademiet - undervisningsmateriale (bog)
Lean Akademiet - undervisningsmateriale (bog)

Education certificate

When you attend a course or education at Lean Akademiet, you will receive an education certificate.

When attending one of our belt programmes (except the Six Sigma White Belt), you will receive a physically framed education certificate upon passing the exam as proof of your new certification. As well as access to a digital education certificate. You can read more about our certifications in the next section.

If you attend one of our standalone specialization courses, you will not be certified, but you will receive a certificate of course participation at the end of the course.

Lean Akademiet - bevis x1
Lean Akademiet - uddannelsesbevis (Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Green Belt, Lean Black Belt)


All our belt programmes (except Six Sigma White Belt) are certified with the Lean Akademiet's own recognized and sought-after certification. If you combine your Lean belt programme with Six Sigma or choose exclusively a Six Sigma education, you will also be CSCC certified. In order to be certified in either Lean Akademiet’s Certification or the CSCC Certification, you must pass the exam on your education.

Read more about the individual certifications here:

Lean Akademiet's certification

Lean Akademiet's own certification is internationally recognized and signals a high professional level. We are immensely proud to be the first - and still one of the largest providers of Lean and Six Sigma educations in Denmark. We are very ambitious about ourselves and our teaching, why our participants leave with a high professional yield. Lean Akademiet's certification is a quality stamp that illustrates that you are able to work with your new tools in practice, and in a safe and responsible way.

CSSC certification

On your Six Sigma education, you will become CSSC certified. We are immensely proud to be the only provider in Denmark to offer this international certification, which is used as a quality requirement by the largest organizations in the world. The Council for Six Sigma Certification's (CSSC) accreditation programme ensures that the training organization's Six Sigma programmes meet international guidelines and ensure that they teach the fundamental Six Sigma learning guidelines and tools. In addition, CSSC ensures the quality and experience of the teachers, as well as validates the amount of teaching days and time with the individual participant.

Lean Akademiet - Six Sigma undervisning efter højeste standard (CSSC certificering)


On our educations, you will meet passionate teachers who are all enthusiastic about teaching you and making you an expert in Lean. You can be sure that the theoretical knowledge, the level of experience and the mood are high – and that you will be presented with a lot of concrete examples in the teaching. Read more about the individual teachers here.

Morten Friis Jacobsen

Morten is a Managing Partner and has an engineering degree from DTU. Morten has a background as an entrepreneur and is the main force behind Lean Akademiet’s growth and development. He has been responsible for the Toyota Kata transformations in some of Denmark's largest companies and is an excellent trainer as well as one of our most experienced coaches.

Ann Møller Svendsen

Ann is founder of Lean Akademiet – all the way back to 2006. Ann has a background as CEO in the automotive industry and brings her management experience and Lean experience into her teaching.

Kion Schmeltzer

Kion has more than 25 years of teaching experience with Lean Six Sigma. Kion is naturally a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has obtained his solid experience through a long career in, among others, General Electric. Kion is also accredited and certified as an IASSC training partner. Kion makes Six Sigma, statistics, and math fun and understandable - you will not get bored in his company.

Allan B. Rix

Allan has many years of experience as a manager in large production companies, where he among other things has been in charge of the total implementation of Lean. Here you get a huge professional ballast and practical experience, which Allan shares in his teaching. Allan is also one of our specialists within TWI.

Kurt Hansen

Kurt is a Master in Lean and Bachelor in learning processes, and has worked with Lean for a lifetime. Here you get a teacher who is very interested in the individual. Kurt loves teaching on the floor. He has a myriad of fun exercises that are shared diligently with the participants. Kurt has also developed Lean games for many years.

Henrik Schalech

Henrik has extensive experience in creating a Lean culture, development of managers and employees and implementation of improvement culture in all industries. Henrik has worked for many years as a teacher and chief consultant and has also run his own coaching business. Henrik's appreciative approach to learning gives you as a student a great benefit.

Amalie Khiljee

Amalie is completing her master’s degree in business administration & supply chain management. She has a great interest in system thinking and making complex material simple and understandable. Amalie comes with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, where she has worked with creating a Lean culture at Novo Nordisk. She has extensive practical experience with both Lean, Kata and Hoshin Kanri.


Do you already have an education in Lean and/or Six Sigma – and do you want to continue your educational journey, become better and get more tools and methods to work with? Then one of our modular superstructures may be an option for you. Upgrade your competencies to the next level by choosing one or more modules, thereby building on your current education.

Lean Green Belt module

The Lean Green Belt module focuses on you as a project manager. You will be trained in Lean as a method through the construction of your own project, and gain knowledge about change management and management tools that are crucial for the successful implementation of organizational changes.

Lean Black Belt module

The Lean Black Belt module focuses on Lean leadership and culture. You will get both tools and methods to create momentum and ownership in the improvement work. After completing the module, you will be able to successfully lead a Lean implementation and roll out Lean to large parts of the organization.

Lean Master Black Belt module

The Master Black Belt module is a top-level education that enables you to train and facilitate the Lean work in your organization, so that you develop tools that are adapted exactly to your norms and challenges. You will work with behavioural design and good communication, so you can best support your organisation throughout the journey.

Six Sigma Green Belt module

The Six Sigma Green Belt module is not just a project education, but also a management education. You work with efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and improved employee well-being - all this and statistical tools such as: Six Sigma Statistics, Hypothesis Test, Regression, Statistical Process Control and Control Plans.

Six Sigma Black Belt module

The Six Sigma Black Belt module creates specialists who are able to work with waste and variation control but have a unique competence that makes them the person others can seek theoretical advice and guidance from. You will be able to make a full Six Sigma rollout, work structured across the organization, and support the project with data.



Lean Akademiet - Vores kursusdeltagere giver os 5 af 5 stjerner (Google reviews)



Once you have registered for a course or education, you immediately receive a confirmation of your registration via our website, and you will receive a receipt per. mail within two working days.

Your receipt email contains various practical information about your course, including location, teacher, and course coordinator.

Before your course or education starts, you will also receive an information email with access to our online course platform, where you have access to teaching material. In this email, it will also state if there are any preparations prior to the course.

Payment and invoicing

Payment is made via invoice after registration. After your registration, you will receive an invoice on the billing email that you selected via the registration form or via EAN number, if you have chosen this. If you have entered a PO number in your registration, this will of course be stated on the invoice.

If you have further questions about the invoicing process or your invoice, please feel free to contact us at


Do you need to bring a colleague on a course, or do you want to send more employees on training? Then you have the opportunity to get a discount on several registrations.

Two enrollments in the same course trigger a discount of 10%. Three or more enrollments in the same courses trigger a 15% discount.

If you are a larger group of seven students or more, an internal course may be an ideal option for you. Contact us if this could be something for you.


Reservations are made for any changes in program, time, and place. In case of cancellation due to too few participants, illness or the like, the entire course fee will be credited and refunded. 

Cancellation of the course or education must always be made in writing. If canceled up to three weeks before the start of the course, 95% of the amount will be refunded. If cancelled thereafter, there will be no refund.


Included in your course or education is full catering. Like everything else, we have thought of you, and we know how important good catering is to create the right framework for a good course day.

So, forget your packed lunch for one day: we provide a good breakfast, delicious lunch, and snacks, as well as afternoon coffee and cake, so you can keep your energy up and your head fresh.

Transport and parking

All our course locations ensure good opportunities for parking - either right in front of the course site or nearby. There are also good opportunities to get there by public transport by train, S-train or bus.

For more details, see the section: Facilities and Location, where you are also able to find a direct link to Google Maps' directions.


Accommodation is generally arranged on your own initiative, but we naturally offer to include the accommodation in the course price.

Contact us if you need help with anything.

Meeting times

When you are attending education at Lean Akademiet, your course days last from 09.00-16.00. During the day there will be several smaller breaks where you have the opportunity to breathe in some fresh air or relax as well as a longer lunch break.

The inclusive breakfast will be available from 08:30, so that you have time to eat before the course starts.

Frequently asked questions


Generally, there is no preparation before the start of the education if you have chosen a full education, as we start from scratch. If you have chosen a Yellow Belt education, do not expect homework. If, on the other hand, you have chosen a longer belt education, you should expect a bit of homework between the individual teaching days where you work on your own project. This applies to both our Lean and Six Sigma educations. For example, you need to collect data in the form of process times, customer expectations or info from colleagues. The homework creates the foundation for your exam assignment and will thus also be included in the overall assessment of your presentation.

On our Six Sigma educations, there will also be teaching material to be read and exercises between teaching days. This gives you training in using SigmaXL, and a greater theoretical ballast.

You will receive more information about homework during the programme itself and in an information email prior to start-up.

Do I need to bring my computer for the course?

In our Lean educations and specialization courses, we work hands-on with various practical exercises and/or cases and projects on brown-paper. Therefore, you do not need to bring a computer. However, some of our students choose to use their computer in connection with their own project work. This may be in connection with data collection or digital mapping.

If, on the other hand, you participate in a Six Sigma education, you must use your computer and statistical software during the course. You will receive more information about software prior to the training, or you can find more information about this on the simple Six Sigma training pages

Do I need a project before starting?

If you have chosen a Lean and/or Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt education, you will have to work on your own project during the education. The same project will form the basis of your exam.

It is not a requirement that you have a project ready on your first day of education, but it will be an advantage for you if you have given some thought to what you want to work with. It can be an area where there are many quality errors, return runs and rework, or many interruptions and changes of responsibility. It can be a production area where the flow and lead time can be improved etc. If you are in doubt whether it is possible to work with this topic in your project, your teachers are ready to guide and spar with you. We ensure that you get a good project - which can give measurable results.

Can we work two together on the same project?

If you are several enrolled from the same company on the same programme, you may well be two or three persons on the same project. This means that you can easily work together on the project, collect data, and analyze etc. together, but your final exam will generally be individual.

Recommended literature

You do not have to read anything before starting your education. If you still can't control your curiosity and want to read a book on the subject, then here is our recommendation.

The book that we think describes the Lean philosophy best is: This is Lean by Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström. The book is easy to read and describes very well what Lean is all about and is particularly strong on the paradox between resource efficiency and flow efficiency.

Remember that during the education you will get your very personal Lean book.

LA Library Få faglig viden og lad dig inspirere

Lean Library er vores online bibliotek, hvor du kan finde en masse fagligt og spændende indhold inden for både Lean og Six Sigma. Biblioteket rummer både relevante artikler, cases fra virkelighedens organisationer og spændende podcasts. Du finder bl.a. emner som TWI, forandringsledelse, FMEA, Toyota Kata m.m. - eller du kan lytte til vores podcast med Ann Møller Svendsen og Morten Münster som værter. Du kan også finde en oversigt over vores kursusbeskrivelser i biblioteket. Biblioteket har altid åbent - så kig forbi, hvis du trænger til inspiration eller til at lære noget nyt.

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